JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Duval County Public Schools started sending out letters this week to teachers on special assignment and administrators at the district level about phase two of Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti's plan to restructure the school district.

The superintendent is quick to point out that not a single teacher will be terminated as part of reorganization plan, but First Coast News has learned some district administrators may not have their contracts renewed.

"We are going through change. Obviously with change there is angst. Where do I stand in the reorganization? I think everyone needs to stay focused that these decisions are based in the interest of children," said Vitti.

Vitti is focused right now on moving resources from the district level to the school level. Of the roughly 160 teachers on special assignment at the district level, the superintendent said some of them are being told they will be returning to the classroom.

"No layoffs. Everyone is guaranteed a position, but possibly having to go back to a school site. We are also talking about 40 administrators who will also be talked to about not being in their current position, their contract not being renewed or also going back to classroom as teacher or administrator," said Vitti.

Vitti said it will likely save the school district around $5.4 million dollars and possibly more.

"Those dollars are converted to additional teachers at schools to reduce class size. Those dollars are converted for more technology for teachers and students and more guidance counselors at our schools, media specialists, music and art teachers at the elementary level so this is how you move dollars from district level to classroom level to better serve teachers and students," said Vitti.

As for Duval County teachers:

"It is highly likely teachers will receive an increase in pay next year and a bonus next year and there will be no teacher laid off going into next school year. The only teachers laid off would be for performance," said Vitti.

Vitti said right now, the restructuring is at this phase is only focused at the district level. Late May into June is when he said they will start having discussions about moving principals and assistant principals.