JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Robert and Ruth Monigold are frustrated after seeing cell phone video of their 13 year-old daughter attacked in a First Student bus on her way home from school.

"There is no way the bus driver could not have heard anything or seen anything," said the dad from his Northside home commenting on the April 3 incident.

Police say the teen was the victim of an unprovoked attack andwas hit at least 10 times. She missed a week of school according to her parents after suffering injuries to her eye socket.

Ruth Monigold said what is of more concern is the response they got from their daughter's school, Eugene Butler Middle School.

"The school told me they could not guarantee the security of my daughter," said the mother, who enrolled her daughter in another middle school.

The family did press charges against the teen accused of tossing the punches. She faces battery charges.

"Do they have to kill a kid on a bus before they actually do something about it?" said the teen's mother who said her daughter is paranoid about going out.

Aspokesperson forDuval County Public Schools was not aware of the incident.

Update: Timothy Stokes, spokesperson for First Student Inc., gave First Coast News the following statement:

"First Student was made aware of the April 3 incident involving students during their afternoon departure by representatives from the school district. Immediately, an investigation was conducted, where it was determined the driver was unaware of the incident that occurred while at a bus stop.

"The safety and security of the students we transport to and from school is our top priority and something we take very seriously. Our drivers are highly trained to provide students with a safe form of transportation daily. If an instance of aggressive behavior occurs on one of our buses, our drivers are trained to secure the bus in a safe location and radio dispatch for assistance. Dispatch then notifies the proper authorities, whether that is local law enforcement or school officials, to respond. Following this incident, the driver has gone through additional training to ensure that an incident like this does not go unnoticed again."