JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- Leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference came back to the Gate station at Baymeadows Road and Southside Boulevard where 17-year-old Jordan Davis was fatally shot two weeks ago.

The leaders were there to ask that Florida repeal the Stand Your Ground law. Midway through the news conference, Ron Davis, Jordan's father, joined the group to echo that the law be repealed.


Previously Davis promised to work to get the law repealed in honor of his son. Florida President of the SCLC, Pastor R.L. Gundy, said the SCLC supports Davis' efforts.

Gundy says the shooting of Davis is a senseless travesty, and acts of brutality against young black men are becoming all too common.

"What is most troubling in this case, however is the fact that Michael Dunn, Davis's shooter, apparently believes he was justified in shooting young Davis insomuch as he and his lawyers have, in the case of Trayvon Martin, raised the Stand Your Ground Law as an argument for acquittal," Gundy said. "These most recent instances of murder are modern forms of the lynchings that so deeply stain the moral fabric of our history."

Ron Davis said he is working to repeal the law in Florida and after that across the country. He believes his work will pay off. He also believes people should not be allowed to carry guns in their cars with concealed weapons permits.

Davis said, "More and more people are diagnosed with bipolar and all these other situations, why should they be able to have a weapon on them. If they get angry, what happens when they get angry? Had this gentleman not had a weapon on him, the most he could have done is maybe hit the car or curse at my kid."

Davis says it is not a black or white issue, but an anger issue. He says he loves Jacksonville and does not plan to leave after the incident. He love Florida and wants to change the state for the better.

Pastor Gundy said the SCLC plans future events to protest the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida.

Saturday a cookout is planned to honor Jordan Davis.

The event will start at noon at Drew Park located on Barnes Road South.

Organizers said the cookout will celebrate Jordan's life and will have food, drinks and music.