SANFORD, Fla. -- Sanford natives Dorothy and Bernard Brown say they have confidence in our justice system after hearing about the second-degree murder charge for George Zimmerman.

"I think attorney Corey did a good job in her charging and taking her time to investigate properly and do what she had to do," Dorothy Brown said.

As people here start learning more about this case, Sanford leaders said it's time for the community to come together.

"We'll be seeking healing for the City of Sanford and ask for the community's cooperation as we move forward," Mayor Jeff Triplett said.

Before the healing begins, the Brown family said they still have questions about fairnessat the Sanford Police Department.

"The police department has always had an attitude, even when I was a kid, and the attitude must change, " Bernard Brown said.

Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte said he stillhas questions about how Sanford PD handled this case from the beginning.

"It was weeks ago, when I said that I had questions, and that's why we asked for an independent review," Bonaparte said in a news conference Wednesday.