JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Florida Department of Children and Families has just released new information into past investigations into Cherish Perrywinkle and her family.

DCF released reports for five different incidents involving Perrywinkle, her mother Rayne, her father Billy Jarreau and her mother's boyfriend Aharon Pearson.

The reports reveal that DCF began investigating Rayne Perrywinkle back in January 2006, when Cherish's daycare workers said Rayne was three hours late picking Cherish up.

Daycare workers dropped Cherish off at the homeless shelter she was living in with her mother.

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In April 2006, staff members at the shelter told DCF investigators that Rayne forcefully shook Cherish for crying, something workers noted the little girl did often.

Then in February 2009 a report says Billy Jarreau spanked Cherish, leaving a hand print on her back and causing her to wet her pants.

A May 2009 report also says Rayne Perrywinkle tried to overdose on Benadryl...an incident the report says she was Baker Acted for.

The final incident report is from May 2012. The report details a fight between Rayne Perrywinkle and Aharon Pearson.

This incident did not involve any of the couple's children.

Cherish was abducted from Walmart about a month ago and her body was found the next morning.

Donald Smith has been arrested in her death.