JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's something you wouldn't expect to see: You come home, pull in your driveway and realize uninvited guests are inside, stealing your things.

It happened to an elderly woman Monday afternoon on the Southside.

Instead of going to her door to take a closer look, she had a different idea, and her quick thinking ended up scaring the burglars away.

"I got scared to death and I started shaking like a leaf and you don't never know how you are going to act," said Edna Rowan.

When she returned home from lunch Monday, she knew something wasn't right.

"They had some stuff out there, like my computer. I could see it in the yard. So I just sat down on my horn and hollered 'help!' and they come out the back door there and two went behind the house and one jumped the fence," said Rowan.

Her quick thinking in her car scared the thieves away, but not before they had made it out with her television and other electronics.

Rowan said they broke in through a bedroom window, leaving behind shattered glass and shattering her sense of security.

"It's very scary and you just kind of go all to pieces. You've been invaded. It's terrible," she said.

Police found several of her items in a neighbor's yard, but she's still going through her house to see if anything else is missing.

"They had that drawer open up and took some money out of that drawer. They had my drawers in my bedroom. They had my drawers in my bedroom all pulled out just taking what they wanted," said Rowan.

In her 63 years of living in the Spring Park Manor neighborhood, she said nothing like this has ever happened to her. While she hopes police will find the three who broke into her home, she also hopes the three will take to her heart her message.

"I don't wish them no bad luck. I just wish they would clean up their lives and give them to the Lord and be good, responsible citizens. That's my desire."

First for you, the experts say it's important to protect your safety. Don't be a hero. If you think your home has been compromised, back out and walk away. And like Rowan, make a lot of noise, draw attention and call 911.

Neighbors saw the suspects leave in a white van. If you have any information that could help police with this case, call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.