JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two men involved in a road rage incident that begannear Gate Parkway and J. Turner Butler Boulevard ended with both of them going to jail.

Monday evening police received a 911 call from 42-year-old Creg Richards, who told them a man, later identified as 56-year-old Samuel Davidson, in a white Volkswagen pointed a gun at him while they were in traffic.

Richards told police he was driving on I-295 Northbound when he saw the left lane ending, according to a police report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The report said when Richards tried to accelerate to merge into the right lane, Davidson's car sped up to match his speed.

Richards told police he sped up and switched lanes, causing Davidson to have to slam on his brakes. When Richards got over into the far right lane, the report said Davidson's car came up even with his. When the front passenger side window of Davidson's Volkswagen was even with the driver side window of Richards's car, Richards said Davidson pointed a handgun at him and mouthed the words, "How do you like this?"

Davidson tells a different version of the story. He told police after Richards cut his car off he brake checked him several times, almost causing him to wreck, according to the report. Davidson told police when his vehicle was even with Richards' vehicle, he said hepulled his firearm out to deter Davidson from further aggressive driving. Davidson told police, according to the report, that he did not take the firearm from its holster or point it at Richards.

At this point, the report says Richards called police. He stayed on the phone with a dispatcher while he followed Davidson. The report says the dispatcher told Richards to stop following the other car and that they had all the information requested of him. Richards replied by saying, "I am not going to stop chasing this guy until you get here or he shoots me," according to the report.

Richards continued following Davidson, who realized he was being followed, and also called the police.

Davidson drove to a gated community in the Sweetwater neighborhood. When he stopped to enter the gate code, while he was still on the phone with the dispatcher, Richards was yelling that he was going to "kick his expletive," and asked him to exit his vehicle, according to the report. The report says while on the phone with Davidson, the dispatcher could hear Richards yelling at Davidson about fighting.

Davidson, who the report says was afraid for his life, tried to go out the exit gate of the community, which is when several police cars arrived and prevented the two parties from leaving.

After speaking with both men, police arrested the two.

Police arrested Creg Richards for simple assault. He was taken to the Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility where he was released for time served.

Officers charged Samuel Davidson with aggravated assault. He used a bail bondsman to post the $35,003 required for his release.