JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced Monday morning they made an arrest in a murder that happened on Julington Creek Road early Sunday morning.

Police said Monday they responded to a home in the 3200 block of Julington Creek Road near San Jose Boulevard after receiving a 911 call that someone had been shot.

When police arrived, they learned 23-year-old Peter Jensen had allegedly shot his wife Karina Jensen with a shotgun, killing her.

Peter Jensen then fled the home, which is an apartment on top of a garage. Police said they found him several hours later, naked and hiding underneath a shed.

Detectives said Monday they believe Peter Jensen was under the influence of narcotics at the time. They did not say what kind of narcotics and toxicology results have not yet come back.

Police said Peter and the adult witness, who is the one who made the 911 call, had been playing violent video games before the shooting took place. Peter and his wife allegedly argued before Peter picked up a shotgun.

The witness told police Peter shot Karina before shooting the front door. Police said the door had visible shotgun damage to it. When Jensen pointed the gun at the witness, he paused to reload, and that's when the witness ran out the door and called police.

According to JSO, they have not received any domestic violence calls at the home prior to the shooting.

Police charged Peter Jensen with murder. He is currently being held at the Duval Country Pretrial Detention Facility. He is not eligible to receive bond.