JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Duval County judge today sentenced a habitual offender to 48 years in prison for a sex crime.

Anthony Brown, 26, was sentenced to 48 years in prison for sexual battery. He also received 30 years for aggravated battery, 30years for robbery and 10 years for felony battery. In all, Brown was sentenced to 118 years in prison.

Brown was also sentenced to five years in prison for possession of cocaine.

All of his prison terms will run concurrently. When the judge delivered the sentence they classified Brown as a habitual offender.

Brown's charges stem from a crime committed in July of 2010. Brown and an unknown man followed a woman from a bar at the beach. According to the state attorney's office, both men knocked the woman unconscious with a blow to the head and sexually battered her. Brown and the other man then fled the area with the woman's purse.

The victim was present at Brown's sentencing. After the hearing prosecutors said she told them she was grateful Brown would no longer be on the streets.