JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police are investigating after a trucker was kidnapped on Highway 301 and driven blindfolded to a location in Baker County.

Tuesday around 3:30 a.m. deputies with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office were called to the Baker County Sheriff's Office.

When officers arrived they learned the victim, a semi driver, had been at the Pilot truck stop on Highway 301 to get fuel for his semi-truck and snacks from the nearby Chevron station.

The victim, who is not being identified since the suspects are still at large, said as he was sitting in his truck's cab when he saw a grey Ford Mustang also in the parking lot. The victim said he felt it odd that the car would be in the parking lot while the business was closed so he waited for it to leave.

After the car left, the victim exited his truck and saw aman and woman walking through the parking lot. They asked the victim for a ride. He said no,adding hehad to go to work. The victim was scheduled to drop off a load of deli foods to the Publix Supermarket Company.

Once the two people walked off, the victim continued walking towards the Chevron. As he was walking, the Mustang returned to the parking lot. There were three males in the car, according to an information report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The males asked the victim where the female went and when he replied he didn't know, one of the males came up from behind the victim and pulled a chrome colored handgun from his waistband.

The gunman pulled the victim by his shirt to over the the semi-truck. The victim repeatedly asked the men to take his money and leave his truck. They demanded the keys to his truck and his money. The suspects then tied the victim's hands and feet and picked him up, placing him in the sleeper cab area of the truck.

The men then drove the victim away from the gas station at gunpoint with the Ford Mustang following behind.

As the men drove the victim onto Highway 301, they placed a shirt over his face from the center console of the truck, obscuring the victim's view of where the truck was going.

As they were driving, the men told the trucker that his fellow truckers "gave him up," according to the report. When the victim asked why they wanted food items, the men never responded.

Eventually the truck stopped and the men took the victim out of the truck's cab, placing him on the floor of an empty storage building.

Once he heard the truck leave, the victim was able to break the ropes tying his feet and rubbed his head on the storage building's floor to remove the shirt still covering his face.

With his hands still tied behind his back, the victim ran across the street to the Walmart gas station to seek help.

A woman who as at the gas station was reluctant to help the victim until he showed her his hands were bound behind his back and asked her to call 911.

Deputies with the Baker County Sheriff's Office responded to the Walmart and then called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office since the crime originated in JSO's jurisdiction.

Police are still looking for the three men and the stolen tractor-trailer. The semi-truck is a black 2000 Freightliner, described as having grey fenders and a sleeper cab.

The woman the victim encountered in the parking lot prior to being kidnapped is described as being a white woman, 19-22 years of age, 100-120 pounds, approximately 5 feet two inches tall, with blonde hair. She was wearing blue jeans and a white tank top at the time.

The blackman who was walking with the female is described as being between the age of 20 and 25, 6' tall, weighed about 160 pounds and was wearing brown pants and a white shirt.

The other two suspects were described as being black males, between the ages of 30 and 35. One was said to be wearing a grey tank top, was bald or balding and weighed between 140 and 150 pounds. The other was said to be between 200 and 220 pounds, was approximately 5'10" tall, had short, low hair and was wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt and black Reebok tennis shoes.

If you know anything that may help lead police to the location of the tractor-trailer of the suspects you are asked to call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500.

To remain anonymous you may call First Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS. You could be eligible to receive a cash reward.