JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two shopping centers that previously housed Food Lion stores are attracting the attention of Walmart.

One is in Arlington off Merrill Road. The other is in Mandarin.
The centers have made applications with the city for landscaping changes. Included in the applications are Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

The proposed stores look nothing like the Super Centers. They are smaller and just focus on groceries.

Save-A-Lot also is moving into two former Food Lion locations. One is on Normandy the other in St. Augustine.

Walmart is on the record as saying, "While we don't have any new stores to announce in the Jacksonville area, we're always evaluating opportunities ... and we're always looking for ways to give Northeast Florida residents new options for jobs and affordable food."

Here in Arlington at the Merrill Station shopping center, Jenny Tuy is hopeful Walmart moves in next door to her nail salon.

"People walking in, traffic and that would help us a lot, you know. Now it is kind of scary the economy still not looking that bright," Tuy said.

Kristine Gaudry is encouraged businesses see opportunity in areas that have huge vacancies.

"As I pulled in this morning I was looking around, it is a ghost town. It is really sad," Gaudry said.

So in the pipeline -- more grocery stores and jobs. It is something business say will help them out with traffic and people looking for jobs will have options.