JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The city's Urban Blight cleanup program has been underway since November and with tax season just beginning, the city is cracking down on snipe signs.

Many tax refund signs are popping up around the city, stuck in the ground on city right-of-ways, most at intersections.

This is not legal. The city's zero tolerance litter law doesn't allow signs tacked on a pole or tree on public property, or in the public right of way.

Bob Prado, the city's code compliance administrator, said these signs are littering the city.

"They litter our city streets and add to our visual pollution to the city, and we intend to enforce that lawto the letter."

The city's code compliance officers are handing out fines and picking up such signs. Tax Giant on Normandy Boulevard got 11 citations. Workers told First Coast News they were unaware of the law.

Milestone Tax Service on Roosevelt Boulevard got 20 citations totaling $1,000. The manager said he hired a person to put them on private property but he went too far, putting them on public property as well. The manager said he will be scouring the city to pick up the signs.

No matter what kind of snipe sign it is, the message is clear, said Prado.

"Don't do it. It is against the ordinance of the city of Jacksonville, to advertise in this manner. If you are found under violation, you will be served with a citation, and it can get quite costly for you."

Connie is an elderly lady wholives on San Juan Avenue and is afraid of tripping over the signs and thinks they are ugly.

"It looks nasty, it takes away from property, takes away from the appearance, just like if trash flows off this highway in front of my apartment, we go out there and pick it up, we don't like it."

Debbie Caplan has worked at Ned Jackson Tax Service on Normandy for 30 years. They have one sign on their property. She supports the city's crackdown.

"I think it is great, I think they should do that," said Caplan. "If everybody who had a business or does any activity in Jacksonville puts out signs, think how littered Jacksonville would be?"

If you see any of the signs, you as a citizen can pick them up and thrown them away, or call 630-CITY and they will pick them up and try to issue a citation.

City officials say they do give leeway for lost pet signs, and also give 24-hour warnings to residents to pick up their garage sale signs before they are cited.