JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Courtroom 406 has been wired to support live coverage of the upcoming Michael Dunn trial.

Dunn is accused of murdering Jordan Davis, 17, fourteen months ago in a shooting that investigators say was triggered by an argument over loud music from the vehicle Davis was in.

The courtroom, also known as the Ed Austin Courtroom, is named after longtime State Attorney Ed Austin.

Courtroom 406 is the largest in the new courthouse with two large monitors for the public watching the trial.

Three cameras have been wired into the courtroom, two in the rear and one near the judge's bench.

Off limits to any camera action is the jury box to keep the jury from being identified.

Local media assisted courthouse staff with equipment to handle the coverage since wiring courtrooms for live coverage was cut from budget when the courthouse was built.

The Dunn trial is scheduled to get underway the week of February 3 with jury selection.

The trial is will generate extensive local coverage plus get national attention.