JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The husband and father fatally shot Monday inside a Tampa area movie theater once lived on the First Coast.

Chad Ouslon, 43, was killed following gunfire that investigators say was triggered when he was texting in the theater. A retired Tampa police officer, Curtis Reeves, who is 71-years-old has been arrested.

"I am just devastated," said Kathy Christ whoput it together when shown a picture of the Oulson and his wife, Nicole, who until five years ago lived in Argyle Forest on Stelling Drive.

"Did not recognize him in the picture until you said that. You said the name Chad they were the nicest couple," said Christ saying she did not know the couple know had a young daughter.

Christ remembers when Oulson killed a snake at her front door to protect her children as one of the many memories she has ofthe couple who lived across the street.