Wesley Chapel, Florida -- Jamira Dixon and her husband, Mike, walk from their home prepared to tell a chilling story.

Surrounded by TV cameras, Jamira described her recent run in with Curtis Reeves, the retired Tampa police officer accused of shooting another man at the Cobb movie theater in Wesley Chapel on Monday.

Dixon said she had a similar incident with Reeves just two weeks ago when she too was texting before a movie.

"He became more irate and upset at the situation. He kept staring at us and giving us dirty looks," said Dixon.

Jamira was driving when she heard the news of the theater shooting. Her said her blood ran cold.

"I had to pull over the car because it could have been us," said Dixon.

Jamira remembered feeling threatened in the theater, and it escalated.

"The guy that was in front of us started texting and the guy said, 'Hey, can you PLEASE stop texting?' He was very loud."

As Jamira told her story to the media, tears formed in her eyes, the realization hitting home that she and her family were very lucky.

"It really hits so close to home. It really makes you think of how things could have went," said Dixon.