JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Walls soaked with water, a collapsed roof and a food pantry full of standing water are just some of the issues caused by rain Tuesday night.

Saturday's storm combined with heavy rain Monday night has created a mess at the North Main Baptist Church at 63rd and Main Street.

"We have mission teams coming in this weekend so may be they can help," said Pastor Nick Phoenix on the work that lies ahead.

Tarps placed on the roof were no match for the rain that damaged both the second and first floors of the center.

Members of the church along with volunteers are spending the day cleaning up the education building on campus that was severely damaged by all the rain.

Phoenix said a tree fell on the education center resulting in two dozen holes in the roof that had just been replaced.

Fifteen rooms have standing water, including the church food pantry, leaving church members saying rain, rain go away!

"A big bump in the road," is how Pastor Phoenix describes not only the damage but also the financial set back.

Fortunately most of the food in the food pantry was saved and roofers are planning to begin repairs Tuesday afternoon.