JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Florida continues to have the third largest homeless population in the country, that's according to Florida's Council on Homelessness. On nights when the temperature outside is below freezing many of us think about those left in the cold.

Like many working families, the Cloud family said they live paycheck to paycheck. But they just have not been able to make ends meet. They're now staying in a local hotel.

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"In our situation we'll get two steps forward and one step back," said Wendi Cloud.

In a small hotel room equipped with the basics, Tabitha Engler is learning how to play a card game with her parents. As of now it appears the family has drawn a difficult hand.

"We were evicted on Friday right before the cold weather," said Cloud.

But she's grateful for the meager space keeping her family out of the cold.

"I thought we were going to live out of our van," said Engler.

At just 15-years-old Engler has experienced life's extreme highs and lows. Back in August of 2013 she gave FCN a tour of her family's apartment home. Months later Cloud says they've found themselves back in a tough spot.

"Somebody knocked on the door and said you guys have to get out," said Engler. "I grabbed a trash bag and I went through my drawers and grabbed everything I could think of that I would need."

But she missed a few things including a flash drive containing her school work, important documents, and her sash and crown. Engler is the reigning 2014 Teen Winter Queen.

"I didn't grab a blanket," said Engler. "I didn't have any shoes on. As soon as I went outside I was like I should have grabbed my blanket. But he would not let anyone back inside of the house."

Engler says they're lucky to be in a hotel on a night when so many people, homeless are on the streets.

"There's so many people in Jacksonville that don't have a home," said Engler. "It's just difficult."

But her parents are teaching her that no matter how impossible things may seem you have to learn how to play the cards you're dealt.

Cloud says she's waiting on a call from the apartment complex so they can go back to get their belongings. She says thanks to help from friends they'll be able to stay in the hotel for a few more days. Then they'll try to find another home.