HASTINGS, Fla. -- Farmers on the First Coast are watching the thermometer.

In the Hastings area, one farmer has put in a rare fall crop of potatoes and is harvesting them for Winn-Dixie.

Most farmers don't have anything to harvest until April or May, so the farmer at Blue Sky Farms said he was nervous about the freeze.

But overall, his fields fared well because his crews had already taken the green, leafy tops off of the potato plants, something you do right before harvest.

If the green tops were still on the plants, the farmer may have lost much of his crop.

Another crop in the area that is concerning some farmers is cabbage.

One cabbage farmer said if it hits 19 degrees, it will be detrimental.

So that's why some cabbage farmers were working all weekend, harvesting cabbage before the freeze came.

Cabbage farmers have noticed just a little damage so far.
They will have a better idea on Wednesday.