Can you be a Hero Baker?

Our Hero Bakers make sure that Jacksonville children, who are homeless or victims of domestic violence, get birthday parties and holiday parties.

The next party is for Valentine's Day. Hero Bakers do a party once a month.

This is a good project for adults or groups or high school students who need community service hours for college applications.

You can bake cupcakes (mixes welcome!) or come help at the parties or donate little gifts from dollar stores. You can also create any idea you want to give cheer to children whose lives are not as happy as other children's lives.

To find out more just email Jeannie Blaylock

We're also looking for a store to donate small items, such as little toys or socks or pencils or puzzles or hair bows. Our volunteers spend their own money to fill grab bags for the children and it would be nice to help them with donations.