JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- After 47 years PastorRudolph McKissick delivered his final service Sunday at Bethel Baptist Church.

"I'm refraining from saying I'm satisfied but I don't think that I could have done all that I could have done, or should have done, but I've done enough to impact many lives," McKissick said.

Members of Bethel Baptist Church have followed the words Pastor McKissick senior since Lyndon B. Johnson was president.

Now the church has over 12,000 members.

"He has been so instrumental in my spiritual growth," said church member Kimberly Dennis.

McKissick grew up at Bethel Church, and he's the only pastor to step down to retire in a healthy standing.

He delivered mail for more than a decade, but for 47 years this cancer survivor has called the pulpit at Bethel Baptist Church his home.

"He won't be saying, by baby I am going so much and that's going to be good," Pastor McKissick's wife Estelle said.

McKissick served as the first Trustee Board of University of North Florida and Boards of the National Conference for Community and Justice. He is also a former president of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Jacksonville.

Bishop Rudolph Senior is handing over the reins to his son, Rudolph Junior.

Rudolph Junior says he will follow his father's lead.

"Filling his shoes is impossible, I need to make my own shoes but then be smart enough to follow the footprints his shoes made," McKissick Jr. said.

For now, it's time to for McKissick Sr. to relax.