ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- A quiet, empty lot sits in Atlantic Beach.

A rusty chain-link fence surrounds the new blades of grass which grow up through the cracks in the pavement . No one has lived inside the fence for 10 years, but Habitat for Humanity wants to change that.

There is new information in a proposal to build almost 80 homes for low and middle income working families in a spot only occupied by wind, pavement and weeds for more than a decade.

Habitat for Humanity wants to turn a the lot off Altantic Boulevard into dozens of homes.

Marlene Tackett lives down the street from that lot. She's been living in a house built by Habitat for Humanity. She said the project will help families and the neighborhood.

"It'll make the community better," she said.

Tackett said the vacant lot invites trouble.

"Right now people can go over there and sleep. Homeless people can go over there," she said.

Luke Barringer lives right across the street. He's all for the idea, as long as the people that move in work to improve the area.

"As long as the people that move in are working class and the property doesn't become an eyesore," Barringer said.

Beaches Habitat for Humanity told First Coast News each person that would move in would have credit and background checks.

People who move in would also have to put in 300 hours of "sweat equity," that means helping to build the place they'll call home.

"We work very hard for this," said Tackett.

That's something people like Barringer say makes them even more ready to welcome new neighbors.

For more information on Beaches Habitat, GO HERE.

The proposal has cleared one hurdle with the Atlantic Beach Commission. A public hearing is scheduled for January 13.

Habitat for Humanity says they're hoping to break ground on the project in about a year.