ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. -- St. Augustine Beach city commissioners are considering an ordinance to regulate golf carts on streets within city limits.

Resident Patrick Shartran supports the ordinance. In fact, he has put new features on his golf cart just in case the ordinance passes.

"Brake lights and a turn signal. I'm just waiting to see what happens with everything," Shartran said.

Golf carts can already travel on some streets in Florida if they are street legal, according to golf cart dealer Larry Koscoe. The carts must have certain features.

"Headlights, taillights, brake lights, horn, turn signals, windshield, wipers, seatbelts," Koscoe explained.

The owner has to also have the vehicle weighed and must take it to the DMV in Jacksonville for a license plate.

However, the proposed city ordinance would mean golf carts would not have to have all of the state required features and the city could regulate which streets the carts could travel. In addition, the owner would not have to take it to the DMV in Jacksonville.

Instead the owner could obtain a permit from the City of St. Augustine Beach that would be placed on the cart. It would cost $50.

Koscoe has been in the golf cart business for years and has seen other Florida cities establish their own golf cart laws.

Flagler Beach and Sanford have already done it.

Folks like Shartran hope St. Augustine Beach does it. He'd like to use his golf cart for things "like going from home to the pier, going to a restaurant to eat, things like that."

The item is on the agenda for the city commission meeting on January 6.

The ordinance would keep the carts off A1A Beach.