JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --Nearly 95 million Americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more in the next 12 days, according to AAA. Holiday travel is expected to increase for the fifth consecutive year.

"Last year we flew and the year before that we went to Pensacola so we drove there," said Adeeba Spann.

Traveling during the holiday is nothing new for Spann; she's on break from school in Gainesville visiting her family in Jacksonville, but not for long. She's hitting the roads again to spend New Years in Austin, no matter the weather.

"Weather is weather, so you just adapt to it. So it doesn't really bother me," said Spann.

And many are adapting to the ice on the roads up in Kansas and Iowa. First Coast News Meteorologist Steve Smith says from now to Monday, snowfall is expected from Kansas City to Chicago and Milwaukee. There's a chance of severe thunderstorms from New Orleans to Atlanta over the weekend and rain moving in on the Sunshine State between Monday and Tuesday.

Last Tuesday a fatal I-95 accident in South Georgia, days ahead of the travel season, claimed the lives of three and involved three semi-trucks. The crash shut down interstate for more than four hours.

There's more concern for safety this year with road travel up. Eighty-five million are expected to get behind the wheel. Jacksonville resident George Walker plans on taking his family down to West Palm Beach.

"It's just like a getaway you know get away from everything," said Walker.

Air travel is expected to have a slight decline this year.