JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- The sound of heavy equipment once again is punctuating the landscape as construction in this beach community is on an upswing.

Ground is prepared on Beach Boulevard where the former George Moore Chevrolet dealership was a landmark. Soon 176 high end apartments will go in the three story complex. The projected cost of construction is $16 million.

In November alone Jacksonville Beach issued $18 million in permits with the tally for the year expected to push $70 million.

"2013 was kind of a sign that we are breaking out of doldrums from an economic standpoint," said Steve Lindorff who heads up Planning and Development.

Jeff Rommane is glad to see work return to the Beaches. He operates heavy equipment.

"Finally again we are back steady," said Rommane.

"There will not be breaks no more,"said Rommanewho noted during the lean times he went North to work.