JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Prime waterfront property in Downtown called the Shipyards has developers saying 'why not build a 1,000-foot tower to give the city a landmark?'

The idea is being called Seaglass at the Shipyards, a billion dollar vision that would include a nautical, stainless steel tower that would define the skyline. The tower would have an observationdeck as part of the attraction.

"We love Florida, but not Jacksonville. Itdrives me crazy," said Mark Farrell with Killashee Investments, who said that's what he hears from investors. Farrell is pushing Seaglass for the troubled propertydowntown.

For years, the old Shipyards has sat vacant -- 30 acres of land, some property now is used for event parking.

Farrell made a pitch to the Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Board. The board is being asked to consider buying the waterfront property from the cityas an investment, which would help get more investors interested inSeaglass.

An aquarium is part of the vision, which would be accompanied by retail stores and restaurants.

The tower, which would be the tallest structure inFlorida, is being touted as an attraction that would bring in tourists and jobs.

"We need an iconic structure. We need a landmark that isknown nationally and internationally that people are going to want to visit," said Farrell.

The pension board directed staff to do more research, but noted alot more information is needed before a decision could be made.