FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. -- The hunt is on for more than a dozen suspects accused of illegally selling prescription drugs. Almost 20 are already locked up as part of "Operation Jingle Cells."

"It's the number one problem that we have when it comes to narcotics," said Flager County Sheriff James Manfre.

The operation started six months ago. The Sheriff's Office said many of the suspects buy the pills legally, then turn around and sell them for a profit.

Of the arrests, an entire family of four is locked up, accused of selling the pills.

Manfre said he hopes the operation, and the arrests, send a strong message to those thinking about turning pills for a profit.

"Convincing them, by arresting people, that if they have some idea that they're going to convert their pills into an illegal sale, this will dissuade them," he said.

Manfre is also hoping kids get the message too.

"We also hope it bring information to our young ones, who are often end users of these illegal distributions," he said.

Operation Jingle Cells is ongoing. More arrests are expected.