JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "I've put together a pretty unrealistic Christmas wish list that includes a puppy and a laptop," formerly homeless student Tabitha recently told Ken Amaro.

When you say things, you just never know who is listening.
The past year has been pretty rough for Tabitha and her family, but they've always remained optimistic. Wendi her mom said they're better off than they were six months ago

"My kids are happy we have our bad days, things are going pretty good," Tabitha's mom Wendi said.

When Tabitha told Ken her Christmas wish list includes a puppy and a laptop, William Wells was listening.

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"She said she wanted a laptop, that is pretty expensive and I know she can't afford it so I said why not me," Wells said.

Wells said he thought about it, talked about it, and his wife finally said "what are you going to about it?"

"I've never done anything like this before," he said.

So he bought Tabitha a Toshiba laptop and Ken delivered it to her She was speechless, hard for a teenager, and her expression was priceless.

"When we talked about it this is surely not what you expected," Ken said.

"No!" Tabitha said. " ... It is probably the awesomest thing ever to know that people care."

In this season of giving Tabitha and her mom are giving thanks for something they didn't expect.

"I was surprised but I'm very grateful this will come in very handy," said Wendi.