The attorney for the woman who accused Florida State quarterback of raping her last year is calling for an independent Attorney General's Office investigation of the case and the Tallahassee Police Department.

At a news conference in Zephyrhills, Fla., on Friday morning, attorney Patricia Carroll of Dade City sharply criticized TPD's handling of the case, as well as the later follow-up investigation by State Attorney Willie Meggs, which concluded last week with no charges being filed against Winston.

"If victims are subjected on an ongoing basis to what this victim was there is a serious problem in the state of Florida and certainly the Tallahassee area," Carroll said.

Carroll said the investigation, rife with omissions, contradictions and sloppy police work, wrongly focused on her client, not on Winston.

This was "an investigation of a rape victim, not an investigation of a rape suspect," she said.

In the news conference, Carroll pointed out issues she had with the investigation, including the blood work and urine sample and discrepancies with phone records.

Carroll pointed out specific differences between documents released to the media and original documents held by the family. Among the omissions in the publicly released statement were references to a prescription for pain medication and to injuries.

"Do I believe this failure of an investigation was related to the fact he was on the football team? I do," Carroll said.

She called the statements of two witnesses, fellow FSU football players Chris Casher and Ronald Darby, were "patently false."

Meggs announced in a news conference last week no charges will be filed against Winston in the case, in part because of a lack of evidence.

Carroll said they were not, at present, looking into civil litigation.

"It's premature to say that right now," she said.

Winston is expected to be in New York City this weekend for the presentation of the Heisman Trophy, the highest honor in college football. Florida State plays Auburn on Jan. 6 for the national championship.