JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The On Your Side team is hard at work getting results for you. Here are a few stories of success for Thursday December 12.

1. Jimmy, of Jacksonville, said his unemployment assistance was put on hold two weeks before Christmas. The OYS team directed him to the State of Florida's unemployment office for further assistance.

2. Penelope, of Jacksonville, said she just wasn't having any luck in speaking to a real person when she tried to call one of the nation's major credit reporting agencies. FCN suggested she call several numbers and try something different. We suggested she call one number and wait five minutes. Or for a faster response, she should call another number and use two, perhaps unknown prompts, to reach a real person.

"Thank you so very much for this information!" she said. "I will hang onto that website link too."

3. Elliot, of Moundville, Alabama, contacted FCN about an issue with a dress his daughter bought at a major Florida retailer. FCN directed him to several customer service numbers and email addresses so that he may be able to get his complaint and issue resolved quickly.