JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A pilot made an emergency landing at Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport Thursday without any front landing gear and a bystander captured the whole scene on video.

On Sunday, three people were killed when they crashed on approach to Craig Airfield, but Thurday's crash ended without anyone being hurt.

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Craig Air center's Charter Director Jeff Marks took the video. He said after just after 4 p.m. the pilot radioed into air traffic control saying he wasn't getting a landing gear indication, so he did 3 passes to confirm the landing gear wouldn't come down.

"He came in nice and smooth. Real soft. Put a nice little landing down on the back wheels," he said. "Kept the nose up and then once the nose came down, it slid to a stop. Did exactly what he was trained to do."

Marks, who has 20 years flying experience, said emergency crews were awaiting the pilot who he says wasn't hurt.

FAA records say the fixed-wing muilti-engine plane is registered to Mar-Tech engineering out of Delaware. State records in Florida say the company's principal address is on St. John's Bluff Road.

"The gentleman was really calm," Marks said. "So, you kind of had the feeling that he was an experienced pilot and he knew what he was kind of doing."

This rough landing comes just four days after a small plane crashed in foggy conditions in nearby Sutton Lakes, killing a father and two daughters.

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Marks is glad this incident ended safely.

"It was like 'wow, he did a good job.' We said a little prayer for him. He did a good job."