JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The National Transportation Safety Board has released its first report Thursday into that weekend plane crash in Sutton Lakes that left three people dead.

The report on the plane that went down over the weekend isn't very long; just a page.


One expert who's been in the sky for decades says the report starts to point out what happened in the final seconds of that flight that was supposed to land about a mile away at Craig Field.

The report is only the first look at what happened over the skies of a quiet subdivision.

"He should be have climbing - he was descending," said Marshall Wood, who flew in the military for 20 years. Now, Wood works for a charter airline company here in Jacksonville.

The NTSB reports any pilot could only see about two and half miles in the mist that was falling around 6:30 Sunday evening. They say the pilot -- Dr. Michael Huber -- missed the opportunity to land the first time around and as he was going on a missed approach, something happened.

Huber and his daughters, Tess, a golf star at the University of North Florida, and 17-year-old Abby, were killed in the crash.

Wood said things were busy in the cockpit because of the weather, and the type of plane.

"One of the spikes in accident causes -- night, weather, low time pilot, and a high workload," Wood said.

Dr. Huber, according to the NTSB, had about 1,600 hours of flying time.

Wood said the experience of Huber in the air all depends on how many years he's been flying.

He said any pilot -- regardless of experience -- should take a look at this first report.

"Every good pilot should read an accident report to find out what happened so you don't become a report," Wood said.

In this report -- the NTSB said when the plane hit the pond, it was upright, and the landing gear was done. They're still looking at the wreckage, and will look into more technical reports before determining a final cause. that final report could be at least six months away.


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