CLEARWATER, Fla. (WTSP) -- She looks like a tiny cherub, with brightblue eyes and cotton white hair. She's vibrant and extroverted, happyand loving.

When we first met Claire Koch, our hearts melted right away. It was clear to us within seconds, this little girl is special.

She's just about the cutest child we've ever seen. But, it's not what she says that has us so enchanted. It's what she does.

Claire communicates through sign language with her two deaf parents. With a smile, she admits, "It's kind of easy for me."

Indeed, it is second nature for the five-year-old. She signs with easeand communicates with her mother, Lori, and her father, Tom, joyfullyand effortlessly.

Tom told 10 News, "Well, she was born into sign language. The minuteshe's born, she has two deaf parents, my wife and myself, we startedsigning right away."

And, now, Claire's special skills are world famous.

She became an overnight internet sensation, and it all started with aChristmas pageant at her school. It became an impromptu sign languageperformance. She wanted to surprise her parents.

Our interpreter, Kat, tells us, "She's such a happy little girl. We are so proud of her."

Lori was surprised and shocked all at the same time.

"I was expecting it to be popular on Facebook with my friends, I did notrealize it would go viral like that. I did not know the internet wouldmake it a sensation. I did not expect that, it was a surprise."

Meanwhile, Claire tells us her intentions were simple. She wanted tomake sure her parents knew what she was saying. She was singing andsigning for them.

Claire's video has gone viral on YouTube receiving nearly two million hits.