ORLANDO, Fla. -- A Southwest Airlines baggage handler has been charged with stealing expensive camera equipment at Orlando International Airport and pawning it for a fraction of its value.

Police confronted William Lopez, 47, while he was still on the job and arrested him. He faces three felony charges, including grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

"That's shocking, and I fly Southwest a lot," Lorre Lavender said.

Lavender and her husband, Henry Lavender, arrived on a Southwest Airlines flight Friday and were shocked to learn a local baggage handler was accused of stealing from a passenger's luggage.

"I keep my valuables inside my suitcase," Lorre Lavender said.

Lopez was arrested Tuesday and jailed while still wearing his Southwest Airlines uniform. Police said he stole two professional video camera lenses valued at $30,000 each.

Officials said Lopez later pawned the lenses for a fraction of their value.

The lenses had been reported stolen and registered a hit on a police database.

Lopez bonded out of jail, but no one came to the door of his Oviedo home to comment on the investigation.

Passenger Les Risner said he has never even lost a bag despite having flown many times on Southwest Airlines and felt it was an isolated incident.

"He or she doesn't want their job very bad, I guess," Risner said.

In recent months, airline employees in New York and San Francisco have faced similar charges.

Southwest Airlines did not respond to requests for comment.