JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville woman is sexually assaulted days before Thanksgiving. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating her case, there's a local group doing their part they say to make other women in the area aware of the dangers lurking.

Along Parental Home Road on the Southside, members of a local sex crime assault advocacy group plan to hit the streets. They'll hand out flyers with a serious warning Saturday morning starting at 10:30 a.m. Dr. Kaye Smith and members of ReClaim Global went over their plans Friday night for a march. It was prompted by a recent attack Smith says in the Hogan area.

"We're going to put this neighborhood on blast," said Smith. "We must tell women to look over their shoulders and to protect the children."

Smith says she's now counseling the woman who was sexually assaulted as she walked out of a nearby convenience store. "From behind the rapist grabbed her by the neck drug her to his car and there continued to rape her."

According to a police report released by JSO, the victim could not tell police exactly where the attack happened. But, Smith says her client has opened up to her.

The report states that the victim was taken to a sexual assault resource center where she was checked out.

"She has one of the worst cases of post-traumatic stress that I have seen in my two decades of counseling victims of sexual abuse," said Smith.

She warns, even in neighbors considered safe, anything can happen.

"It's like any neighborhood every neighborhood has the potential of having sexual violence in it," said Smith.

Police say the November 26th attack appears to be an isolated incident and they're not working any other cases with the same method of operation.