MACCLENNY, Fla. -- In the arts and crafts room at the Macclenny Nursing and Rehab Center, a group of men and women are working something very special for our troops.

"I wish I could do more, I really do," tells Elsie Webb.

Every person in this room has a connection to the military. Elsie Webb's husband of 57 years was a WWII veteran and she lost her brother in the Korean War. Betty Elder has two grandsons currently in the military. David Krisek is a Persian Gulf veteran and his son is currently in the military also. Many more at the nursing and rehab center are veterans from all branches of the military.

"You miss all the simple things, things you never think about," tells Krisek.

Things like hanging up ornaments. So with nimble hands they are making ornaments, picture frames and bracelets and they will send that over to troops in the Kandahar Province. That is where employee, Melves Alston's husband is stationed.

"It is from our heart, these things are made by our hands," tells Lindall Melton the wife and sister of several veterans.

During a time of year that can be very tough on our troops to be away, Vietnam veteran Frank Hensely can sum up the gesture in two words.

"Not forgotten," he says.

Because the best gifts don't have to be perfect.

"It is a little off center, I don't think they will mind," laughs Lindall Melton.

It just has to be from the heart. The Macclenny Nursing and Rehab Center will be sending out the care package with the bracelets, ornaments and picture frames along with some food on Monday.