JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When you'rea teenager and living in a homeless shelter, a lot goes through your mind.

"You don't want to tell your friends," said Sabon.

But many of the teenagers we met who were living at the Sulzbacher Center homeless shelter made it clear than homelessness was not living in them.

These homeless students need help, like warm clothes and school supplies. That's where the First Coast News/I'm A Star HELPing Homeless Students initiative comes in.

Sabon, 17, is aa student at Englewood High.

"I'm doing fine, I have a 3.0 GPA," he said.

Tabitha, 15, is enrolled in Florida Virtual school.Her neighborhood school did not have what she needed to meet her academic goals.

"It wasn't a good fit," said Tabitha.She is now doing well in her academics.

Sabon is now part of the Cross Country track team;he's volunteering, and said his efforts are paying off.

In October he made a trip to the nation's capital, part of a group of students; he's goingagain inFebruary to be among the future medical leaders.

"They'll have scientists andsome of the great medical minds," he said, "I am excited."

Sabonwants to be a health care career; a nurse, maybe even a doctor.

His Christmas wish list is short: first a home forhis mom and his brother.

"My mom isstill looking for a job, but she will be employed soon," he said, "We're goingto get our own place, so we won't be here for long."

The second item on his Christmas list isfinding the funds to pay for his college education.

"I can't think of anything more important than that," he said.

Tabitha wants to be a dancerbut she does not have the funds to join a dance studio.

"I'm dancing in my living room, but not in an actual studio," she said.

In the meantime, her talents havelanded her a role in a musicvideo,and that has opened the door to role in a low budget horror movie. Yes, horror.

"I love it," saidTabitha, "Horror is like my passion it doesn't look like it but it is."

Wendi, her mom, said they're better off than they were six months ago. Dad is working, theyhave a vehicle and they're still very optimistic about their future

"My kids are happy, we have our bad days, butthings are going pretty good," said Wendi.

Mom is getting a part time job, and the children are working on their Christmas wish list.

"I've put together a pretty unrealistic list," said Tabitha, "It includes a puppy and a laptop."

Both of these teenagersknow that they're not where they would like to be, but they're keeping the faith.

Visit these links to learn how you can help student like Sabon and Tabitha over the holidays: