JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There have been 134 traffic fatalities so far this year in Jacksonville. Police say they're seeing a dangerous rise in deadly accidents, and as a result there's now a new push underway.

"We need you to cross at the crosswalks don't dart out into the street," said Mike Johnson with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. "Use the sidewalks."

Assistant Chief Johnson, patrols what's called zone 3. It includes San Jose, the Southside, parts of I-295 and Philips highway. So far this year in just his area alone they've handled 51 traffic fatalities, 14 of those have been pedestrians.

In an effort to help prevent deadly accidents officers say they have a plan. There's a new campaign on the horizon. Johnson believes enforcement is a big part of the solution, along with education.

They plan to start handing out informational flyers. Along with checking for adequate lighting at busy intersections, and making sure that the traffic lights are timed correctly.

"The days of written warnings have come to an end because of the rise in traffic fatalities," said Johnson.

Police plan to begin writing more citations and their will be a focus on pedestrians.