ST. JOHNS, Fla. -- Mya is 14. She lives in Julington Creek. Just a couple years ago she was swimming like a fish and riding horses. Her dad, Larry Levy, says Mya loved to cook and eat.

But now, according to her mother, Melissa, Mya hasn't been able to eat and hold anything down on a regular basis for three years.

Mya has a complex set of digestive orders. She's had multiple surgeries, seen multiple doctors and been to multiple hospitals around the U.S.

Mya's dad has put together her story in a video:

The trouble now is that on top of worrying about Mya, her parents are facing severe financial problems.

Melissa herself has lupus,Larry had to quit his job and try to begin his own business to help care for the family and the bank is trying to foreclose on their home, the family says.

Yes, they do have health insurance, but Melissa says the travel to various hospitals and the medical bills they still owe after insurance payments are overwhelming.

So friends and local artists are holding an art auction for the family.

Where: HAS Art Solutions, a consulting and production studio/ gallery

HAS Art Solutions, LLC
3139 Philips Highway, Suite #100, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: 904-503-9800
Fax: 904-503-9801


When: Thursday, December 5 5 to 9 pm

What: Art auction, food, live music

Help: 100% of the proceeds from the art sold and a percentage of framed items for Mya's family

As for Mya, she says thank you over and over to anyone who helps or gives a hug. She smiles and promises to stay optimistic, even though the pains in her stomach are severe.

She has a cecostomy tube and a G-tube to deal with and she has a double picc line in right now. She gets nutrition through one of the picc lines straight into her veins.

If you'd like to make a financial contribution, you can click on the family's story online:

If you want to send Mya a card or a craft kit or some sort of encouragement, you can mail your items to:

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