Jacksonville, Fla. -- Rescue missions across the country took a snap shot survey to learn more about the homeless they serve. In Jacksonville more veterans were in line for help than in most places in the country.

The City Rescue Mission located Downtown participated in the survey with 360 people participating. The findings: one in five identified themselves as veterans.

"It has to be because we are a Navy town, we are a military community," said Penny Kievet who is the interimdirector of the City Rescue Mission.

"Most of them come from the Vietnam era," said Kievetwho noted13 percent identified themselves as serving in the military during that war.

Matt, who did not want his last name used, served in the Persian Gulf War and a few years ago he fell on hard times. Heworks in the kitchen while working also to get his life on track.

"Its going slow, it get rough at times. I mean optimistic everything going to be good," saidMatt who was born in Ohio and calls the First Coast home now.

In the local mission the survey also revealed that 60 percent of those in line for help were between the ages of 46 and 54. That was far above the national average where 41 percent of the17,000 people who participated said they were in that age bracket.