Jacksonville, Fla. -- Christmas is ushered in by the Fraternal Order of Police with a special party for some special children with special needs. Officers from JSO have been doing it for 60 years.

"It is a special season because everybody gets presents and I like seeing kids happy with their presents, " said Sebastian Hernandez from his wheel chair. He loves this party and the people he meets.

Hernandez was joined at thetable for conversation and company byOfficer Dale Allen. The two met at last year's party.

"It brings back the meaning of Christmas...I would not miss thisfor anything in the world," said Allen.

Santa made his arrival with a motorcycle escort and on the hood of a police cruiser.

In the eyes of 180 children with special needs from eight different schools the highlight of party had arrived.

Each childwas served not only a meal but left with a present. Something that has been going on in the city for60years has children talking already about next year.