JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Thousands of shoppers crowded the St. Johns Town Center on Thanksgiving Day. The mall officially opened at midnight, but some stores including Toys R Us chose to open their doors ahead of the official Black Friday.

Outside of the Target store Erin Wallner waited in a long line with her coffee in hand and a folding chair nearby. As she anticipated getting inside of the store, Wallner checked her spreadsheet. It contains details such as store times, locations and savings.

"If I can save almost $200 on items I planned to buy anyway it's worth it for me," said Wallner.

She's been hopping in lengthy lines for Black Friday deals for the past four years and says she's noticed the store times have been steadily creeping up.

"I'm not a big fan of stores opening at 5:00," said Wallner. "I had to drop everything right after lunch and hit the stores."

She says if they open any earlier she'll opt out of participating next year.

At Toys R Us they opened at 5 p.m. and the isles quickly filled up as people rushed to grab the saving right off of the shelves.

"We saw a play set they had on sale for like $379 and we had to get it." said Tony Martinez. "We were getting it for him anyways. We're saving $200 dollars!"

For the Martinez's, pre Black Friday shopping was a family affair. They say spending quality time shopping on Thanksgiving Day is all right with them.