GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- This edition of FCN Cribs is in Green Cove Springs. If you love trees inside of your home and a whole bunch of stone you will love this house.

Wayne Nichols has a home like no other we've been in before on FCN cribs. There are lions, zebras, bears, bobcats and deer -- oh my!

There are even Cypress Trees inside the living room.

"We used a crane," Nichols explained on how he got the trees in the home.

The one-of-a-kind countertops in the kitchen are made of stone.

Nichols says, "The wood is actually all poplar, reclaimed poplar out of a building that was tore down. The glass we have in here are actually all recycled bottles with grass weeds in between. We used deer antlers as our pulls everywhere."

Wayne's estate has an open concept, which is great for entertaining.

"This wet bar here," says Nichols, "that's actually a redwood stump turned into a wet bar."

The wet bar weighs 1,500 pounds.

The master suite has cypress on the ceiling and the bathroom has a shower made of stone, instead of tile. They also used stone for the garden tube. In fact, there are 10 different types of stone in Wayne's house.

"Yep there's a waterfall into the tube," said Nichols. "You turn that valve on and the water spills right into the tube. That was something my wife wanted to do. She saw it in a magazine."

Right outside the master suite is a sunroom.

"This was actually going to be a screened porch and we closed it in and made a sunroom out of it. Put a sauna in here, just a place to come and relax, and a massage table here," he said.

The mansion also has an apartment. It has a kitchen area, a bathroom and one bedroom.

"That's actually a section I built for my mom. But it's our son's entertainment room now," Nichols said.

But if you'd like to spend some time outside, there's a nice pool.

"What would have been really nice was to have you here when we were having these stones put on this pool deck," he said.

You can have this 3,500 square feet, six bedroom, three bath estate for just under $600 thousand.