JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The lizard caper on the northside is over.

The lizard that was hanging out under an elderly man's backyard shed for weeks is now back home.

The story started when John Kilgour, 88, found a three-foot long lizard by his backyard shed a two-to-three weeks ago.

"I didn't know what it was," Kilgour said.

His daughter reached out to First Coast News after various agencies wouldn't come get it.

"I want it gone," Kilgour said. He was concerned about his 30 pound dog, and he didn't know if the lizard could harm it.

First Coast News aired the story about Kilgour's situation. His next door neighbors, the Polk family, saw the story.

Jennifer Polk said, "I thought that's absolutely crazy. It must be someone's pet."

The neighbor's teenage son walked over by the shed, and "just pulled him out of there. We talked to neighbors and found its owner."

It's owner is Sergio Ashley. Ashley also called the station after the story aired.

"By the picture on the news, it looked like my lizard," Ashley noted.

A little while later Tuesday night, neighbors rang Ashley's doorbell.

Ashley remembered, "I opened the door and they said, 'I think this belongs to you.' I'm like, 'yes, he does!'"

Ashley has had the savannah monitor lizard since it burst out of an egg. "He's been a part of my life for 8 years," he said.

A little over a month ago, Ashley said he moved into the neighborhood off New Berlin Road, set the lizard in its cage on the ground, and moved some belongings inside.

"I went out a half our later and saw he wasn't there," Ashley remembered. "My first instinct was to freak out! My buddy's gone!"

He searched the yard. He talked to neighbors. Nothing.

"But we only went as far as 2 houses down this way," he said, and the lizard has been hanging out just two houses further down

"When I bought him in the house (Tuesday night), and I put him down on the blanket on the floor, he got off the blanket and crawled onto my lap," Ashley nodded.

It was a reptile reunion for a lizard who knew he was back home and for a man who has his friend back.

"How fortunate I am to find my buddy," Ashley smiled.

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