JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast drivers said patience is key when trying to get to Thanksgiving dinner.

"A lot of patience," said Joseph Laratondo. He's making the trip to North Carolina.

Laratondo is one of almost 40 million Thanksgiving travelers. He said the key to getting from point A to point B is patience, and courtesy.

"The main thing is getting there in one piece," he said.

The Florida Highway Patrol said they'll be out all across the state making sure drivers are staying safe. They'll be looking for everything from drunk drivers to speeders.

"One of the biggest things is the aggressive driver," said Captain Keith Gaston. "People in too much of a hurry, those that want to change lanes, and following too closely."

Jane Irvin and her husband are driving from South Florida to New Jersey. She said everyone has the same goal, and should keep that in mind on the road.

"Be courteous and kind to other drivers," she said.