JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On a day when about 2 million people are expected to fly for Thanksgiving, many travelers are keeping an eye on Mother Nature. Peggy and Bill Turner fly to Virginia every Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

"We were watching the weather," Bill said.

Travel delays have been plaguing airports all along the east coast since a major storm made its way to that part of the country. Hubs like Atlanta, Newark and New York are still seeing issues.

Christian Capitini flew into Jacksonville from Wisconsin. He had a layover in Atlanta, and said he noticed a big spike in the number of people at the airport.

"Definitely higher than normal," Capitini said.

Capitini said despite delays and long lines, many passengers were doing their best to stay positive.

"Everyone was in good spirits," he said.

Being positive is something Capitini said is critical to getting through a long day of travel with millions of others.

"You can't control a lot of the variables, so it's just important to have a positive outlook about it," Capitini said.