(USA TODAY) -- Passengers on seven American Airlines flights this Wednesday willreceive an unexpected surprise waiting for them if they checked a bag toHouston Bush Intercontinental today (Nov. 27).

It's part of apromotion meant to provide a welcome surprise to airline passengersflying on the Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving, one of the busiest traveldays of the year and one that's typically anxiety-inducing forpassengers making their way through crowded airports.

"People wantjoy and happiness around the holidays, not long lines and frustratingdelays," says Zappos, which is the sponsor behind the promotion.

Here'show it works: Zappos will cover American's baggage carousel at BushIntercontinental with gameshow-style panels that indicate variousprizes. When bags from the selected AA flights slide onto the carousel,the bags' owners will receive the prize from the panel that their baglanded on.

Prizes will range from a $25 Zappos Gift Card at thelow end to - at the high end - a KitchenAid mixer valued at $349.99. Thefliers winning larger prize items will receive the item by mail onFriday. Zappos will ship those prizes over night so that the recipientswon't have to make extra room in their luggage for the unexpected loot.

Inother good news for all fliers at Houston Bush Intercontinental today,the airport appeared to fare well on the busy pre-Thanksgiving travelday. As of 2:50 p.m. ET, only six flights had been canceled (threedepartures and three arrivals) and only about 50 departure delays.

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