JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The website Deal News, where everyday is Black Friday, has been combing through the leaked ads and complied a short list of what not to buy on Black Friday.

The writers said the days ahead will bring better prices for the items.

Among the Don't buy on Black Friday Items:

-Name Brand HDTVs.

The better models will be discounted in late December or around the Super bowl.

-Jewlery and watches.

Look for sales away from the holidays.

-Exercise equipment.

Better deals are coming in December and January

Do not buy on Black Friday bedding or blankets, wine or specialty foods, a new winter coat or jacket.

So what should you buy?

Angela Birch is general manger of a Jacksonville Best Buy store.

"A lot of families are coming in and they want tablets for their kids," said Birch.

She said her store is ready to serve starting Thursday evening. They've prepared for what's been called the biggest shopping day of the year.

The website Deal News reports the best buys on Black Friday are on the following items.

-Laptops and computers -- especially laptops.

-Data storage devices. You can expect deep discounts on memory cards and hard drives.

-Smartphones, video games and shoes.

-Appliances are another big Black Friday sales item.

-Kitchenware, like kitchen gadgets and coffee pots.

And on Black Friday you will also find deals on tools; Deal Newsreports without question it is the best time of the year to buy tools.