GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- A local man is being called a hero after rescuing three children from a mangled car Monday morning.

"I havethree girls so pulling those two out, that really hit home," said Anthony Difolco.

Difolco says he's been a painter for most of his life. On Monday morning he was on his way to paint a home in St. Johns County, he was exiting the Shands Bridge onto State Road 16 when he noticed what appeared to be a serious accident.

"I was just scared; scared for the people in the car.I could hear the girls screaming in the car," said Difolco.

He said he got out of the car and rushed to get the children out.

"I saw the boy all bloody. He was having a hard time breathing and the girls in the back were screaming," added Difolco.

He couldn't get the door open to get the boy out, so he bent the back door to get it open and let the girls out. He says the car was starting to give off smoke.

"You know what goes through your head, I'm sitting there, wasn't going to leave the kid so I was just thinking in my head, 'is this it?' I meanI'm not going to leave the boy," said Difolco.

He and a few others were able to carry the boy out. The Florida Highway Patrol said the crash involved two cars and there werefive people weretreated for injuries. One adult was airlifted to Shands Jacksonville. The accident has been on Difolco's mind since Monday. He said he doesn't consider himself a hero, just a good citizen.

"If you see an accident help out your fellow citizens and be safe, drive safely," added Difolco.

FHP is investigating the accident and does not have a report available yet or the conditions of the victims.