FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. -- Gift giving for kids isn't easy. You have to think about their age range, safety of the toy and of course -- is it fun?

FCN asked Hasbro to send some of what it believes the hot sellers will be this year. We took those toys to Fleming Island Elementary School to test them out!

"Parents are looking for something that is creative and the kids can be imaginative with, but also something that is safe and keeps them active," tells Candace DeMarco with the YMCA.

One of the immediate favorites for the older girls is the NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow.

"My brother got a bow and arrow last year for Christmas and I was really jealous," says 4th grader Katie Meyers.

Instead of arrows, foam darts are used so no harm is done if you happen to hit a friend or maybe your parent! The boys really enjoyed the Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop set and the Beywarriors Shogun Game.

"That was a tie!" laughs 4th grader Nguame Malil.

For the younger kids, simpler toys like the My Little Pony are a hit! First grader McKenzie Carr spent almost an hour playing with the new doll. Also, the new Big Hugs Elmo is really popular for kids this year. Just remember to have some batteries ready too!

"I just like things that are active and I like archery," tells student Maleia Ramos.

Active is a key when picking out a toy, all the students said they want a toy that gets them up and moving and they can play with their friends.

The toys FCN tested were all relatively in the same price range of $20. You can buy the toys locally in stores or online.