JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local family that lost almost everything in a fire last week is feeling hopeful after spending a day with the Jaguars. One player is helping the Griffins - and it turns out just like the team plays together - they give back together.

Sandy Griffin and her three children tossed a football on the field with Jaguars players Tuesday.

They said was like a dream.

Just four days ago they lived through a nightmare when their home burned down.

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"It did a 180. The day of the fire its done, a 180 today. I feel like I'm still spinning," Griffin said.

And now Jaguars Running back Justin Forsett is part of the reason why things are starting to look up.

"I was just getting ready to go to sleep before the game on Sunday and watching tv and flipping back and forth between channels and I saw this news story

Forsett is in his first year on the team -- relatively new to Jacksonville -- but an experience in his past connected him with the Griffins.

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"It kind of hit me because I've been through something similar. My house had burned down. I had been in a point where finances were I've been homeless and I had to stay in a motel for weeks and not having anywhere else to go and I could understand and relate to them," Forsett said.

Forsett invited the Griffins to Everbank Field to have lunch, meet some of the team members like Maurice Jones-Drew and Head Coach Gus Bradley, and take a tour.

But the real surprise came when Forsett gave them a place to stay after their hotel money runs out Friday.

"Our family is pulling together and we're getting help from places we never thought we could get help from," Sandy's daughter Shayla said.

Even though the family also got some great Jags gear and souvenirs, there's one thing Sandy said she values the most.

"It was just nice to give them a reason to smile again because we haven't had much reason for that lately," Sandy said.

Forsett is also hosting a Faith and Football event free to the public on Sunday December 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Murray Hill Theater.